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About AMAKA - An International Charity

ABC aims to empower young people across the world to find their own voice through music, poetry, dance, art and drama.


ABC is an international charity registered in the United Kingdom (No.1115060). It is an arts organisation bringing issues of justice to university and school-age people, in particular as a tool of community development. Its focus is the use of music, drama, poetry and dance to tell stories, facilitate self-expression and raise awareness of justice issues.

Amaka works throughout the world, in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, but has a particular affinity for Africa. Amaka works with Africans worldwide to encourage a new African dream - of a vibrant, self-confident, prosperous and peaceful continent where young people no longer resort to dreaming of a 'paradise' beyond their own shores.


It is Amaka's conviction that the empowerment and regeneration of individuals and communities is not simply about the provision of food, shelter, and material wellbeing. It happens most profoundly through the burgeoning of self-belief, self-esteem and human dignity; as people discover who it is that they can be, as individuals and in community. Story-telling, through the medium of the arts, is a powerful tool for such transformation. However, unlike other educational processes, its outcomes are unpredictable, sometimes intangible and hard to measure in the short-term, but therefore, we believe, invaluable.

The AMAKA Team

Ben Okafor
Founder and Artistic Director

Alison Webster
Chair of Trustees

Rev Alison Richards

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